Lane & High Building

Location: Columbus, Ohio
Date: 2007
Project Cost: $1,200,000
Project Size: 10,000 sq. ft.
Project Services: Full-Service Architecture, Urban Design, Feasibility Planning

The site is a highly visible property on the heavily travelled High Street corridor at the intersection of an important east-west connector street, Lane Avenue.

Design efforts focused on creating a building that acknowledges the significant nature of the urban corner and “gateway” to the University District. The building had to have the presence to overcome the visual noise at the urban corner: traffic lights and poles, traffic control box, street lights, trash, etc.

The tower element contains a grand stair featuring a view that encompasses the entire High Street edge of The Ohio State University campus and extends to Downtown Columbus’ high-rise towers.

The design process included extensive community review and approval. The building was well received and received many mentions in local media.